The Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Program at Bayview Behavioral Hospital in Corpus Christi treats patients who are struggling with alcohol or drug abuse. We are proud of our longstanding intensive outpatient program led by a licensed professional counselor. We provide care for patients who want to treat their drug or alcohol addiction. We also serve people who are in recovery and provide meetings and programs for continuing support.

Relapse is a constant shadow when treating people with substance abuse problems. Some patients try treatment once, then relapse and never try it again. Others need multiple attempts at drug or alcohol rehab. At Bayview Behavioral, we work to understand what our patients need. Inpatient treatment may not be right for everyone, but outpatient support is the right fit. Our goal is to give them the right education and the right tools to stay sober. For some patients, this means getting the diagnosis right and learning that drugs or alcohol are not their only problem.

Getting the Diagnosis Right

Many people who abuse drugs or alcohol also have a mental health condition, like depression, bipolar disorder or even attention deficit disorder. This dual diagnosis means that both conditions should be treated for the patient to succeed in recovery. Treating one but not the other increases the likelihood a person will relapse. Knowing about both diagnoses means we can treat both and give the patient the tools to succeed.

At Bayview, we assess our patients for both mental and physical help to get the diagnosis right. While addressing the mental health condition with therapy or sometimes medications, we can then attend to their substance abuse problems. This may include therapy (individual, group, family) education for both the patient and loved ones, and support group meetings. This combination of treatment and support has brought many people to recovery in our outpatient program.

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