Adolescent & Teen Behavioral Health Program

The Adolescent & Teen Behavioral Health Program at Bayview Behavioral Hospital treats patients ages 10 to 17. The program seeks to help teens deal with the issues of adolescence and teach them how to live in safe and caring families.

Adolescents can be dealing with depression, anxiety, family problems, sexual abuse, suicidal thoughts and the potential for substance abuse. Our adolescent program uses different types of therapy to address the issues teens face.

Therapy for Adolescents

Family therapy is part of the plan for every patient. The family is brought in for sessions and remains a part of the program as part of a teen’s discharge plan—involved in the continuing therapy plan and ensuring that the patient keeps up with therapy.

Other types of therapy include group or individual therapy. Our counselors use techniques of cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy. These methods focus on a patient’s thought patterns and how they affect behavior. They can teach teens how to accept uncomfortable thoughts and feelings instead of struggling with them. Our Counselors also use nursing groups to teach teens how their bodies are affected by stress and dependency.

Levels of Healing

Our adolescent program uses levels as a motivational tool. Teens are assigned a level and move up as they meet goals. The goal may be not getting angry or going to a session, but it keeps them focused and moving forward in their treatment. The structure of the program provides teens a safe framework and our counselors provide the care they need to heal.

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